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Unique Fitness Trackers Make for Smarter Work Outs

February 9, 2017

Works out wearables are quickly becoming a staple in athletic fashion and a necessary accessory for athletes. Since the Apple watch was released in 2015, many companies followed suit with smart devices that track the owner’s health and fitness activities.

Traditional fitness trackers have been revamped and redesigned to be able to encompass a fuller scope of an individual’s workout. Diverse work outs including outdoor running, yoga, and body building are all able to be recorded with much more accuracy thanks to these newly released athletic tools. Previously, the products simply counted steps and monitored heart rate. The new fitness trackers have the capabilities resembling a personal trainer and come in more forms than just wrapping around a wrist.

Below are a few examples the new products that are changing how we stay fit:

Jabra Earbuds – $160
Combining what everyone already takes to the gym, music, Jabra incorporated their built-in heart rate monitor technology with headphones. The buds track the individual’s heart rate through the inner ear and uses an app to collect the data and provide guided training. Jabra added the unique feature of monitoring VO2 max levels to give the best overall display of a workout and to continue improvement.

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Beast Athlete -$250
A fitting name for those looking to bulk up and make personal bests, Beast Athlete is typically worn around the wrist and captures data from heavy weightlifting sessions. It is able to record every aspect of a session from reps to intensity to advance the progress an individual makes in the weight room. It also can be fastened to a weight vest, a nice touch for their specific audience.

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Athos Appearal – $200 to $400
Athos take yoga pants and running tights to another level with their sleek, sensory work out clothing. The full body attire tracks fitness levels with their built-in sensor compression leggings (lower body), shirts (upper body), and shorts (hamstrings, glutes, etc.) that then dispatches to their Bluetooth app. As the brand and product have kept evolving, they are now machine washable. Just remove the core chip on the sweat wicking ensemble first.

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