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Uber Launches Tracking Services for Rides

May 20, 2016

For those of you who use Uber, this new feature will make sure that all rides went as planned. Uber just released a new feature to the app called Trip Tracker, allowing users to track their family members’ rides while en route.

Trip Tracker is also connected with another feature called Family Profiles, which lets you add other riders to your account, with rides charged to the profile organizer. Other users don’t have to be related to you, but in order to access the family profile, they have to accept the invitation to be added.



The idea behind the added feature to the app is that users will be able to track their family members rides via real time. It will give a sense of peace knowing that parents or loved ones will know where the Uber car is at all times.


Our UX/UI designers here at Beyond Design are always looking for new and improved ways to enhance the experience for users using mobile applications. This new feature that Uber just released is a prime example of the necessary precautions that they are taking to make sure that they provide the safest and most convenient ways for users to travel.

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