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October 22, 2014

The iPad is one of the most influential and popular technology devices that Apple has ever released. The company is expected to unveil the new iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3 in just a couple of days. Many of the same features will be updated, like the Touch ID and burst camera mode will be incorporated into the design. In addition, improvements in the camera and processor speed will be developed into the Apple products.


It’s never a surprise that these products will sell out over the holiday months, and even into 2015. After that, sales will start to drop for those who want to get these technology driven items for use. Even though iPad sales seem to be decreasing, the percentage of people who own and use their iPad continues to expand.


This provides us with the information that majority of people do not need to replace their iPads every time a new one is released, in the way that people get amped up to get a new iPhone every few years. Moreover, the fastest growing a category for Apple is their software and services department. Relating this back to the replacement of products is unnecessary; due to the updates that Apple sets in place for their customers.


Apple has always been fearless when it comes to releasing new products to the public, not worrying about the effect it will have on their current line of what is available to consumers. Regardless of price and affordability, Apple has a way of marketing their products to the consumer in a way that screams, “I need that!” unlike any other company. Their smooth, sleek and clean cut items provide users with an end result that they cannot afford to live without.

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