RSNA Show 2017 in Chicago        

Is It Time to Reinvent Radiology?

December 6, 2017

We are closing out the 2017 tradeshow circuit with the annual Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Show in Chicago! Last week our team went to McCormick Place, along with nearly 30,000 visitors, to learn about advancements in radiology medicine, equipment, and services.

Philips Comes with No Limits
Philips’ patient care monitors allow a smooth and continuous transfer of information from patient to doctor throughout a hospital. Without the restraints of cords and cables, Philips products include touchscreen wearables, to intuitive bedside monitors (like the MR400), to portable monitors like the Intellevue MP4 which is both durable and flexible.

3D Imaging, A Revolution
Medical technology has continued to excite us and EchoPixel’s medical imaging device stood out to us at the show. The noninvasive tool allows doctors to produce images of a patient’s colon to quickly identify any abnormalities without lengthy and painful procedures.

150 Years of Evidence
AGFA Healthcare was celebrating their 150th anniversary at this year’s show where they demonstrated their cost efficient solutions for image processing. With high quality medical imaging, AGFA’s platform is crucial to accurate diagnosis and care. Their wireless mobile system makes bedside imaging exams a comfortable and smooth process. Rather than going to a separate exam room, the exam is brought to the patient.

Medcaster Mobility
“Cleaner, Quieter, Smoother, and Easier to Roll,” is how Medcaster pushes itself ahead of their competition. The MedCaster product line focuses on patient and operator to ensure successful solutions for any medical applications. The Michigan based company , brought their Nylon Casters to the show this year. The Avant series is quiet and ergonomically sound, resulting in smooth and easy to handle steering. The new MedCaster product (shown below) added an extra boost to the usual wheel/castor combo with a drive function to help with heavier travel.

Radiology Consoles
Spellman, the world’s leading independent manufacturer of X-Ray generators, had on display their EDITOR HFe console. The console supports almost all X-ray tubes, isolated circuit breakers for better safety, and the ability to power down specific generators.

Zeus From Spellman
The Z Series has a 450kHz output frequency with automatic calibration making it uniquely designed for digital radiography systems. Spellman created this compact generator with MOSFET inverter technology making it the best choice for the medical OEM seeking the latest technology and phenomenal support.

Tomorrow’s Radiology, Today
We saw a familiar face amongst exhibitors. Previously Beyond did work with Reina Imaging for their equestrian x-ray venture. At RSNA they displayed their line of radiology imagers which included transformer cabinets, protection cases, holders, and anti-scatter grids. The Reina line ensures safety and protection for their mobile products. “With our latest breath of ingenuity, now you can have ‘peace of mind’ to go along with your capital purchase.”

Comfort and Precision
CMR Naviscan’s Breast PET scanner was on display. The Positron Emission Mammography technology saves lives with its high resolution images. Providing a metabolic perspective, physicians are able to identify cancerous lesions as small as a grain of rice. The scanner allows the patient to sit and undergo an exam without compression which is a welcome change from traditional invasive and claustrophobic exams. The PET is also compact, portable and user friendly.

Theater Makes for Comfortable MRI
Toshiba’s patient friendly MRI machine merges theatre and procedure to create a more relaxing and comfortable exam for the patient. MR Theater immerses the individual with calming images, making an often claustrophobic and invasive exam go quickly and smoothly. Pianssimo Zen is another feature that creates an acoustic noise reduction suite.

See You Next Year!
The Radiological Society of North America connected us to thousands of healthcare professionals and industry leaders. For a look at our relatable medical projects, please visit our Work page or drop us a note at

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