The Trends in Fitness Technology: Nike+ Fuelband

January 25, 2012

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As seen at CES in Las Vegas, the number of companies designing and marketing products that help consumers to stay active or improve their fitness level is on the rise. Nike recently announced their Nike Fuelband—a rubber wristband that aims to track your every move. It seems much like Jawbone’s Up, which has had several issues since it launched, however, Nike seems to have a more polished design with a much better UI.

The Nike+ Fuelband is linked to an iPhone app, or is also available on the Web if you don’t have an iPhone. It is designed to be worn throughout the day and uses an LED display to show your progress on a fitness index called Nike Fuel. The band counts time, calories, steps, and Nike Fuel.

“The bottom line is that the wristband isn’t just a step counter or even a calorie counter. ‘We wanted to create a universal currency, so that you always get credit and are aware of how active you are,’ says Ricky Engelberg, Nike+’s director of user experience. ‘It’s not about reps or laps. This an index of everything you do.’ Thus, no matter if you ran one day or played tennis another, the idea is that Fuel will be a universal currency allowing you to see how much you’re progressing towards a bigger goal: physical fitness, rather than just exercise or working out.” (From FastCo Design)

The Nike+ Fuelband seems like a very ergonomic, user-friendly product that can help consumers track their daily activity and encourage a more active lifestyle. According to recent trends, this is just what consumers are looking for. You can read the full article here.

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