The New ‘Leap’ Interactive System Excels in Accuracy

May 22, 2012

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When thinking about gesture-based computing, our minds are often steered toward sci-fi movies or TV shows. Yesterday, Leap Motion (a San Francisco based start-up) introduced the Leap 3D motion control system that represents an entirely new way to interact with computers.

The system is similar to Microsoft Kinect, but is said to be 200 times more accurate (according to Leap Motion). The small device looks like it could be an Apple product with its sleek and simple design. The 3D motion-capturing device tracks an 8-cubic-foot area for movements, and recognizes the differences between your hand, finger, and writing utensils.

There seems to be no end to what technology can do these days. The video below shows how the device allows the user to browse the web with a single finger, write on their computer screen with a pencil, pinch-to-zoom, and play games with the simple move of their hands. Looks like a pretty amazing device and definitely something we want to try. You can read more details about the new Leap on Wired.

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