The Need to Create Shorter-Playing Toys for Kids’ Busy Lifestyle

July 25, 2013

Kids today seem to be busier than ever and are playing with toys in shorter bursts of time as they go from place to place and activity to activity. When you have a child at their sibling’s soccer game, for instance, parents are more likely to grab their smartphone or another electronic device to occupy the child’s time rather than a traditional board game.

Toy manufacturers have picked up on this trend and are increasingly creating toys aimed at kids’ busy lifestyle. They are working hard to create shorter-playing and more portable games. While electronic devices are an easy go-to, traditional toys help build social skills that the tablet or smartphone can’t.

Neat-Oh International, a company whose logo we designed and who we have worked with in the past, was recently featured in an article in the Wall Street Journal showing their ZipBin® Princess Dollhouse Backpack and the LEGO® CITY ZipBin® Toy Box. Neat-Oh focuses on designing attractive, portable, and collapsible interactive storage products that unzip to become activity or play surfaces, and then zip back up to storage bin form.

Image from the Wall Street Journal

As a child’s lifestyle continues to change, toy companies will do everything they can to stay on top of the game and maintain their market.

If you subscribe to the Wall Street Journal and would like to read more on how toy companies are designing around this trend, you can check that out here: Toys for Tight Schedules.

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