The Inspired Home Show 2022

March 9, 2022

Beyond Design headed to the McCormick Center to check out all the exhibits at the Inspired Home Show 2022. We were introduced to some inspiring new products, colors and new housewares trends. We would like to introduce you to some of the awesome products we came across at this year’s show.

The Legacy Companies

Our very own team worked on the color material finish study for two of their product lines, Omega Juicers and Gourmezza Toasters. The thought process behind the toasters were inspired by the trending matte finish.

These color trends target 3 different demographics: more natural tones for those health nuts who love natural ingredients and clean eats, brighter and bolder colors for a younger demographic, and sleek and darker colors targeting a more masculine, athletic demographic. Jane, one of Beyond Design’s Industrial Designers worked with the Legacy Companies to accomplish a line of colors that are trending in 2022.

Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone’s color of the year was featured at the show this year, Very Peri which encourages personal inventiveness, creativity, and warmth.

Sleek, Modern, and Digitized Toasters

Walking through the show, we saw a ton of kitchen appliances and these two toasters stood out to us specifically because of their modern and sleek finishes. Everyone has a preference as to how their bread is toasted, and the Revolution toaster features an awesome touch screen that allows you to do so. Along with the fresh look that drew us in to the sOlac toaster, it features two extra wide 35mm slots which toasts the whole surface evenly.

The Suds 2 Go Mobile Hand Washing Bottle

Walking through the exhibit, a Shark Tank sign caught our eye. The Suds 2 Go hand washing bottle is a water bottle with an attached soap dispenser. The product idea came to fruition in 2018, when the idea to clean up young kids while participating in outdoor activities. What really blew up their sales was the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec believed in the idea and picked it up as an investor. It was awesome to see an exhibit that was featured on such a prominent show.

Air Purifiers on the Market

During the Pandemic, air purifiers have become increasingly in demand, especially in larger spaces, such as offices, to ensure employees feel safe returning to work as we attempt to transition back to normal society.

The TruSens Air Purifier uses Pure Direct technology that cleans air everywhere and is meant for larger commercial spaces. The design is sleek and simple featuring a multi-directional airflow that delivers purified air more effectively. With a color that is consistent with the TruSens, the Cuckoo air purifier stays true to 2022 design trends. The Cuckoo’s coolest features is a light that indicates the air quality at any given time and contains a filter that can eliminate allergens, bacteria, and odors.

Colorful Product People are Loving

Beyond Design visited both the TAKENAKA and DASH exhibits because of the beautiful array of colors displayed. In 2022, we are seeing pops of color in products for those individuals who strive to be unique and love showing these bright and fun products off.

Remember the soda stream? Well, that concept has taken off but a couple that we saw at the show were different in their material and color use. We visited the Carbon8 and DrinkMate exhibits to check out their colorful carbonators.

Help Your Posture with Unique Seat Designs

Our team stopped by the Curble exhibit and saw their posture support seats. Sitting in a chair all day at work or at home can take a toll on your posture, something we all know very well. They showcased a variety of colors and feature high tension plastic that supports the waist correctly. We really liked how the design has an air hallways in the back to stay cool and a high density, comfortable cushion.

Inventors at Work

As a design team, we love to talk with new inventors with innovative ideas just waiting to be debuted. One of the inventions we came across was called the Drainorator, developed by LeAnn Bell, which drains grease without a mess. Along with the simple design, we liked the advantages of using this product such as securing any meat or meal in the pan while draining the grease and easily funneling grease into a receptacle.

We look forward to attending the Inspired Home Show next year to see what other trends and products are coming out.

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