The Future of Fast Food Restaurants

April 22, 2016

It was a only a matter of time until McDonald’s joined into the ever-changing field of technology. Starting off in London, McDonald’s is planning to install Samsung Galaxy tablets into their establishments. Customers will be able to play games, browse social media outlets and use the Internet. Trials were made at over 250 restaurants – and it was a success at all locations.


Over the course of the trials in 2014, millions of customers have enjoyed the updated look and style of the restaurants – including the additions of the tablets. The fast food chain has hired SOTI to provide the software for the tablets. ‘Experience of the Future’ is what McDonald’s is reaching for and it’s quite apparent that they are combining technology and food together.


Not to mention, some chain restaurants are installing touch-screen self-order stations to reduce wait times, which we all know can be super helpful. Who wouldn’t want to order their McDonald’s meal in an interactive way?


McDonald’s is a food chain that can do no-wrong. With their research starting in 2014 when the trials were launched, 72% of six to 17 year olds were found to have at least one screen in their bedroom for their use. Currently, and not going anywhere time soon, smartphones and tablets seem to have become ever-present with younger generations today.

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