The Butter Boss

May 19, 2015 is home to the growing collection of fun and interactive kitchen accessories, that sometimes we take for granted. These items can prove to be a fun, but more convenient way to work around the kitchen. Geraint Krumpe, founder of the design firm, Y Line Product Design, is the designer and entrepreneur behind The Butter Boss.

The Butter Boss seems like a pretty interesting kitchen gadget, and in reality, could provide a lot of support for grillers and cooks who use butter on a consistent basis. It’s made out of a high temperature resistant material, like a spatula, for those areas in the kitchen where a lot of heat tends to be. It’s easy to load, use and the best part is that the butter won’t fall out of either end.


The Butter Boss is dishwasher safe and can be taken apart to get a better clean between materials. Being a companion to salt and pepper shakers at the table is convenient, as well. Final prototypes are available, having users test them and give back their opinion. We’re excited to see the final product and we will be using it at our BBQ’s at Beyond Design. To read the full article or to donate, please click here.


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