The Best Gadget Designers of the Past Decade

August 17, 2011

We recently read an article on Business Insider titled The Best Gadget Designers Alive, in which they talk about eleven of the most talented product designers responsible for all of the coolest gadgets of the past decade. Some of our favorites are below. To read about the other noted designers, check out The Best Gadget Designers Alive.

Jony Ive is a senior vice president and head of the industrial design team at Apple. Ive has designed everything from iMacs to iPods to iPhones since 1997.

Jim Wicks was chief designer for the Motorola RAZR, one of the most popular and iconic cell phones of all time. The RAZR was arguable the first “it” phone, the iPhone before the iPhone.

James Dyson is perhaps best known for his hyper-modern bag-less vacuum cleaners. But he’s also the inventor of the no-blade Air Multiplier fan and the AirBlade hand dryer.

Ken’ichiro Ashida was one of the lead designers on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii, two of the top-selling game consoles of all time. He also invented the Wii wheel and Wii zapper, two popular peripherals.

Matias Duarte is the head of User Experience on Google’s Android team.

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