The AirGuard™ on CBS America by Design

November 23, 2021

In the face of COVID-19 and other infectious airborne diseases, the dental industry has faced a huge challenge to reopen safely for both the dentists and patients alike. The AirGuard™ goes beyond protecting against COVID-19 by helping to contain the splatter from patients’ mouths keeping airborne infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis and the flu, from escaping into the air. 

Beyond Design has been working with a local dentist practicing in Chicago, IL to develop the AirGuard™ product line. The initial idea consisted of a shield connected to an extra-oral suction device to create both a barrier and a way to capture aerosols, allowing dentists and hygienists full access to the patients, with effective protection against aerosols and splatter. 

The patented AirGuard™ products include the XP, MP, LT, and CH models, each with their own unique features and all ensuring the safety of both the dentist and patient. The premier product, the AirGuard™ XP includes all the bells and whistles including aerosol suction, integrated lighting and a high-resolution screen that enables a zoom feature up to 10X. The AirGuard™ XP has the ability to record photos and video with audio and with integrated WiFi and Bluetooth, files can easily be stored on local and/or cloud based platforms.

The AirGuard™ was recently featured on CBS, America by Design and won the Planet Innovation Bright Award. In addition, Karim Rashid, an award winning Industrial Designer who is described as the “most famous industrial designer in all the Americas” by Time Magazine had this to say, “The AirGuard™ is a pretty revolutionary piece of equipment for dentistry…it’s obviously very utility patentable, beautifully done, very intelligent…” Sharing a common vision for great design, Karim and Beyond Design understand the importance of developing effective and beautifully designed products.

Click on the video below to see Karim Rashid talk about the AirGuard™

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