The 50 Most Influential Designers, according to Fast Company

September 16, 2011

In Fast Company’s 2011 design issue, they focused on American design and highlighted who they believe to be the top 50 designers of today—in both the virtual and physical world. They range from interior designers and architects, to car, clothing, and product designers, among others.

Chicago based architect, Jeanne Gang, was one of the 50 with her design of the Aqua building in downtown Chicago. Amazing design in which she used the sun’s angles to carve the shape of the building. Another Chicago designer, Scott Wilson, was also noted for his iPod Nano wristband and the influence it has had on entrepreneurism.

If it were up to us, the list would have been much longer, as this one is very limited considering how broad the area of design really is. Check out the complete list of the top 50, here.

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