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The $20,000 True 48 Refrigerator

March 29, 2016

For those that want the best appliances for their kitchens, high-end consumers have to look no further. True, a company known for manufacturing commercial refrigeration products for restaurants and grocery stores, introduced their new 48-inch wide refrigerator. Compared to the fridge introduced last spring, the True 48 adds an additional six inches of width.

With a distinctly industrial design aesthetic look, giant crisper drawers, large shelves for catering pans, dual evaporators and compressors – this fridge is not for the masses. With all of the equipped features, we can see why that this fridge is $20,000.00


The exterior is stainless. The interior is stainless. How could you not want this capable fridge in your kitchen? However, there are a few caveats. It’s not the easiest for cleaning, as door bins and shelving would need to be removed for deep cleaning purposes. In addition, the home version needed to be designed to work within the requirements of the Department of Energy for residential installation.

All in all, the True 48 is a perfect addition for those that like to host fundraisers or A-list parties at their home – a true smart investment.

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