Cut Down Smoking        

Take5 Provides Smokers a Chance to Quit

September 23, 2016

For those that smoke, how many times a day do you crave a cigarette – that you know of? Take5 is the perfect solution for those that want to cut down on their smoking and actually be conscious about it. It’s a small box that fit five (5) cigarettes, one (1) lighter and five (5) mints (because we all know that smoking doesn’t make your breath smell the best). And the best part is that you don’t even need to open the box to see what number puff you’re on.


This nifty little design can provide smokers with the chance to cut down their smoking to a decent amount, which can lead to quitting completely. It’s not the perfect solution, but it’s better than nothing. 3-d prints are on demand and users can choose the color box they want. From a manufacturing standpoint, this provides the benefit of not wasting any material within the production process.


For those of us who know smokers, this is an awesome product that should be promoted more. Smoking is a tough habit to stop and promoting cutting down to stop one day through this design says a lot about the designers who created it.

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