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Take Your Stress Away

October 30, 2015

Have you ever been stressed out to the point where you don’t know how to relax? With Pause, a new app on our smartphones, can allow those to zone out, breathe and get back to a calm place. The app is designed to relax those who are in stressful situations by moving a colored blob around. Doesn’t sound like much, right? Pause wants to introduce the interaction between phone and user that is forcing you to concentrate and be more fluid in your fingertips.


Designed by Peng Cheng, a UX designer and founder of PauseAble, his design was created to battle stress and depression. Technology is often cited as being a major stress in our lives, as majority of us are always connected somehow. But as Cheng describes, there should be no reason to why technology can’t be a positive force in our lives. The app can measure how quickly your moving your fingers at any given time – showing the different levels of intensity and if you are “relaxing” more.


The finicky nature of the app is intentional – needing users to be conscious of their finger movement, releasing and letting the stress out of their body. This idea that Cheng created with the app relates back to attention restoration, which explains our stress levels can be decreased if we focus more heavily on activities that require less mental efforts.


Pause requires users to sit with their phones and do nothing. Question is – can we let go and relax?

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