Go Cubs Go        

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

October 13, 2015

Even though most of us at Beyond Design are not originally from Chicago, we’re thrilled at the fact that the Chicago Cubs have made it into the playoffs. The last time the Cubs were in the playoffs was 2008 – a long seven years ago. It’s been a while but for those die-hard Cubs fans, there’s never a love and hope that our beloved baseball team will make it again. 2015 just happened to be the year, making it a very special season for baseball fans.

cubs_worth the wait

Beating the Pittsburgh Pirates to clinch it to the playoffs, the Chicago Cubs are now up against our biggest rival, the St. Louis Cardinals. We’re fortunate enough to not have anyone here from the state of Missouri. Being that the series is now 2-1, we’re hoping that we can win this series and move on to play the next team, either the New York Mets or the Los Angeles Dodgers. Regardless – it’s going to be a good match up.


“I just can’t wait to hear that crowd at Wrigley,” Rizzo said. “With Jake on the mound, it’s already electric. And now that it’s 1-1 coming in? Huge game. It’s going to be electric.”


As Harry Caray would say – take me out to the ball game! Let’s get THE win – go Cubbies.


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