Cicret Bracelet        

Wearable Technology On Your Skin

January 2, 2015

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a wearable device that you could use on-the-go that you didn’t have to carry around all the time? It could be possible with the times changing and new designs started to become real. A Paris-based design company is taking their wearable technology idea to another level. The Cicret Bracelet, is a concept that allows users to wear a wristband that projects the screen of a smartphone right on to the user’s skin on their arm.





Users can do everything that they would if they had a smartphone in their hands, from answering emails to taking phone calls, even if their phone is across the room. The proximity sensors allow users to send information back to the processor, which is located in the bracelet. When the bracelet design is fully conceptualized, Cicret Bracelet will be available in two sizes, 16gb and 32gb, with ten different colors to choose from. From a design stand point, Beyond Design loves the latest and greatest wearable technology products out there. We feel like there are numerous opportunities for design companies to succeed when designing and developing items that people will love and want to use. To read more on this article, click here.

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