Super Bowl 2017- Intel’s Way to Watch        

Super Bowl 2017- Intel’s Way to Watch

January 27, 2017

Whether you’re tuning in for the commercials, half time show, or the game itself, February 5th will bring in millions of spectators (and gamblers) as the New England Patriots face off against the Atlanta Falcons.
Intel has been promoting their new technology 360 Replay for the big game. With a commercial already released starring the Patriot’s Tom Brady making breakfast with his pup, Intel’s new technology makes his morning routine look crisp and clear… even if he’s just making pancakes.


There will be over thirty 5K cameras surrounding the Houston field on game day to capture every fumble, tackle, and touchdown. Intel boasts that with their 360 Replay technology fans will be seeing the game in “voxels: pixels with volume.” With these voxels, replays can be rendered in 3D after traveling through several miles of fiber optic cables and being processed through the Intel servers. Because of the immense amount of data used (1TB per replay), only about 20 will be shown on game day though.


Originally pioneered by Replay Technology in 2013, Intel has partnered with the company to bring the stunning footage to the hoards of sports fan looking to be as consumed in the game as possible. The mesmerizing technology has already been put to use for several MLB and NBA teams and was first used in the NFL at the Dallas Cowboy’s field. It has since been sampled at 15 additional NFL stadiums and growing.
This unique viewing experience allows the fan to be fully immersed in the game from every angle, and no longer hindered by bulky traditional cameras. A deflated ball claim could be dismissed in moments with 360 Replay…

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