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Summer Intern Wrap Up

August 31, 2018

Our veteran intern, Carlos, finished his third program with us this summer! Carlos started his internship run here as a high school student and came back for a third time with a year of undergrad under his belt from the University of Cincinnati. Please read and watch our interview with Carlos below for how he first discovered Beyond, his proudest moments, and how this third time differed from his first time as an intern in our studio.

State your name and title.
My name is Carlos Reyes Zgarrick, and I am an industrial design intern at Beyond Design.

How did you hear about Beyond before you started?
I met Michael when he came into my freshman year Architecture class in high school, and he came to give a week-long presentation about what Beyond Design does and who they were. He gave us all his business cards and we were all interested in learning more. I ended up emailing him that summer to ask about Beyond and what it was like to work as a designer. I ended up coming in for an interview and from there I got my first internship.

Carlos reviews shed progress with Michael – a project the interns were a huge factor in.

What was different from the first time you interned to the second and third times?
This summer was definitely different because I feel like I had a lot more responsibilities. I got to apply the skills I learned from my first year in college to solve real-world problems and help clients and do all that sort of work, so it really just felt a little more real than the first times because I got to be working on actual client work.

What was your proudest moment as an intern?
My proudest moment this summer, as an intern, was definitely when I made a complicated 3D model piece of hardware for a project that we were working on. We 3D printed it and the parts went together as intended cause I spent about 8 hours on that. It was very tricky but I got it done and I was very proud of it.

What would you like to say to the Beyond team before leaving?
I just wanna say a really big thank you for letting me come back, again, and providing such a great, wholesome environment to learn about design. I had a great time.

You’re welcome back anytime, Carlos! In fact, we hope you come back for a FOURTH internship next summer. Good luck to Carlos as he kicks off his sophomore year and stay tuned next week for our final batch of summer intern wrap ups.

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