Staying Up-to-Date with International Design Trends

November 22, 2011

As an effort to continually stay up-to-date on international design trends, we found an interesting trend report written by CBi China Bridge (a design firm in China) about the 100% Design Shanghai show. The show is a unique exhibition in China featuring leading brands of contemporary interior design products. The exhibition showcases original designs of furniture, lighting, bathroom/kitchen and floor/wall coverings and it seeks to create a dynamic atmosphere for the proliferation of innovative and trendsetting ideas. The trends are similar to those found in the United States—creating designs that evoke emotion, using color to bring out the best in a product, and material re-creation.

“This year, the show was still focused on the home: ‘Emotive Design’ is what was noted to be the macro-trend amongst the new product designs. How do we create emotional interaction with objects that surround us? How do we make them more human? The designers were aiming to instill more meaning to our world.”
— CBi China Bridge

One noted trend is that emotional design is being executed through the creation of product personality (as seen in the photo below).

We especially like the small plastic figurines that act as a noodle cup-lover’s best friend. They hang over the edge of your noodle cup to effectively keep the lid closed while the noodles cook inside.

The report also talks about how various shapes and colors attract our attention, and how color adds “fun and lightness to our world”.

Just as we create trend reports for key tradeshows in the United States, we enjoy reading about other international tradeshows that we are unable to attend in order to stay in touch with the latest design trends and incorporate some of the newest trends into our product and service designs. You can read the full article here.

If you’d like to check out trend reports on tradeshows within the United States (ie. The International Housewares Show, CES, The Hardware Show, etc.) that our team put together, fill out our contact form and send us a message with the ones you’d like to see and we’ll be sure to send those your way!

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