Courtyard Concert Series at BD        

Sofar Sounds Concert at Beyond

June 11, 2018

This weekend we hosted our first Sofar Sounds Show! The team at Sofar Sounds chooses unique locations to host intimate, acoustic shows throughought Chicago and Beyond was chosen as one of the first outdoor shows of the season. Sofar extends past Chicago’s broad shoulders and takes place around the world in 411 cities. The allure of a Sofar Sounds show is that the location and artists are not revealed until a day before the event. You could be hearing an acoustic set in a loft, living room, restaurant space, or the Beyond courtyard from any and every genre of music (including comedy). The artists range from local up and comers, underground musicians, and also renowned singers like Ed Sheeran, Hozier, and Karen O.

Not a bad seat in the house! Audience members stake out their spot before the show starts.

Our space lit up with 3 different acts and over 50 people stretched across our studio lawn. Guests came prepared with blankets, snacks, and drinks and were ready to enjoy live music in our cozy courtyard tucked away in Ravenswood. With the fountain bubbling and string lights glowing, we were ready for a night of music and intimate performances.

The three bands that performed were eclectic, unique, and all fiercely talented. The night started with 5 piece fold-rock band, The Winchesters. The group performed a slew of rocky, country songs and had the crowd hanging onto each note. Originally from Chicago, the band formed in 2014 and have been playing local gigs ever since. Their next show is at the Chop Shop at the end of the month.

The Winchesters get introduced by Sofar MC to start the night.

After The Winchesters set came Scottish singer/songwriter, Finn Anderson. Surrounded by a circle of lights, Finn enveloped the crowd with his crooning poetry and emotional ballads as the sun set over the studio. Despite having to use another band’s keyboard (last minute technical difficulties) he impressed the crowd with his emotional storytelling.

Following Finn was our final set of the night from Shantina Lynet. Accompanied by her band, GOL, she sang out soulful originals and covers. Ditching the mic, her voice filled the courtyard with R&B singles and a crowd favorite from the television cartoon, Arthur (“And I say, Hey!”). As the fog set in and the bonfire simmered out, Lynet closed out the night and our first Sofar Sounds show for the season. If you were in the audience we hope you had as much fun as we did and please join us at our next show! Keep checking the Sofar summer line up and our website for updates on the next outdoor show in the BD courtyard.

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