Sofar Kicks off Season        

Sofar Back at Beyond Design

June 17, 2019

We have officially opened our courtyard gates to another season of summer Sofar shows! If you aren’t familiar, the global team at Sofar Sounds chooses unique locations to host intimate, acoustic shows throughout the world.   Beyond has partnered again with Sofar to put on several outdoor shows of the summer. Sofar extends past Chicago’s broad shoulders and takes place around the world in 411 cities. The allure of a Sofar Sounds show is that the location and artists are not revealed until a day before the event. You could be hearing an acoustic set in a loft, living room, restaurant space, or the Beyond courtyard from any and every genre of music (including comedy). The artists range from local up and comers, underground musicians, and also renowned singers like Ed Sheeran, Hozier, and Karen O.

The three bands that performed at were Beyond Brother and The Hayes, Daniel Asher, and Jubiril Awe. They ranged from folk, country, indie, and R&B. Stay tuned for our July show! All photography courtesy of Marlenite Photography.

Siblings, Jennie Hayes Kurtz and David Bingaman, grew up in Dallas, Texas where Jennie Hayes sang in choir and David played Stevie Ray Vaughn riffs all day long. They didn’t fall in love with songwriting until they both attended the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. They began singing and writing together and moved to Nashville after college. They formed Brother and The Hayes in 2016 and released The Dead End EP in 2017. Their music is honest, lyric-driven, and slathered in infectious grooves. New album ‘Tennessee Nights’ available now. “It’s a Texas-influenced burrito, stuffed with goodness as organic as the place it comes from.”

Born & Raised in East TN, Daniel Asher is a rising voice for passionate and progressive worship. His love for music and scripture is the foundation on which all of his writing stands. While attending Lee University, Daniel Asher found many opportunities to answer God’s call to write and share music by leading others in worship. Asher’s passion is to dig deeper with scripturally sound lyrics while maintaining a sound that’s relevant to young audiences. Asher is currently a Worship Pastor with Bethel Church serving the Chicago Illinois area.

Jubiril Awe of The Modern Day Experience serves to motivate dreamers through the use of the arts. With the slogan “Put It Down”, it’s initial purpose is to persuade the masses to put their phones down and live a productive yet full life. Founded by Jubiril Awe, the project started as a spoken word poetry foundation. Since there is a greater demand for music in the community, however, the group is now centered around stage performance. Email comments, concerns and childhood dreams to, One Luv!

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