Social Network for Sharing News Articles

June 16, 2015

Apple just released News, an app that recommends news in a algorithmically curated way. Surprise? Not at all. Most of us are probably enthused with the fact that Apple created a new way for users to peruse different news articles that interest us. However – one person does not like it. Enter Trond Werner Hansen, a veteran in the web browsing development category, who helped reshape Opera and Firefox internet platforms.

Hansen launched Kite, a new and better app than Apple’s (in his opinion) to provide a social media platform to share articles with followers, comparing it to Instagram. There’s no URL bar, but a web browser.


Kite looks like any other social network platform. Tons of news articles are streamed from those that you follow, linking to a website where you can find them at. You can like, save, share and comment on articles, and the best part about it – you get recommendations for articles that you actually want to read.


“People don’t want an algorithm telling them what to read, they want to get a peek at the reading lists of people they find interesting” Hansen says. Follow people you find interesting and see what they are reading about. As designers and learners, reading is a part of our every day life. It gets us excited to find new trends, products and ideas.

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