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November 19, 2015

Isn’t it amazing that we can take pictures from our cell phones? It might not seem like anything new, but if you think about it, it’s quite awesome. Being able to swipe through our digital photo album and have them at our fingertips is quite the necessity now. Compact cameras seem like an item of the past – 11 million sold in 2014, down from 44 million in 2010. Yikes.

BOUD, a Korean design studio, remains hopeful and confident that compact cameras can still be a relevant product on the market. Their approach is to rethink and reinvent the form of the compact camera with what is called the Flex Cam PIC – a slender, bendable and colored camera that looks like a Pixar character and is the material of a Livestrong bracelet.


The design is supposed to provide maximum flexibility and usability for consumers. The camera band is made of silicon, while forms to different shapes very easily, making it simple to attach or wrap around different products. GoPros and other compact cameras need additional equipment in order to work, however this band doesn’t need anything. You can tie it, bend it, hook up, wrap it and use it anywhere.


The company successfully crowdfunded production on Indiegogo in September (though it has already missed the ship date). It was also awarded the 2016 CES Innovation Award in Digital Imaging in November.

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