Owlet Smart Sock Saving Lives        

Smart Sock May Save Newborns

March 27, 2017

The Owlet Smart Sock is keeping parents at ease and their children’s health safe and secure. The smart sock uses Pulse Oximetry technology to track the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels and notifies the parent if those levels become abnormal. These two factors are monitored and their data is collected in the Base Station. If the levels are array the Base Station will light up and make sound to warn the parent of any potential issues. It is also connected through the Owlet app that can stream the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels live from wherever the parent and child may be – weather or not that is the same location.

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Owlet has been giving peace of mind to new parents. The Pulse Oximetry technology is the common and noninvasive way that is used to monitor an individual’s oxygen saturation. The sensor technology is incorporated into the socks, (when in a hospital it is usually on an adult’s fingertip, for an infant it is on the foot) and the data is read depending on how much light shines through the skin.

The smart socks use a frequency of 2.4 GHz (Bluetooth 4.0 – low energy) and will be effective for up to one year. The socks themselves are washable but the technology must be taken out (the small, white circular censor with the Owlet owl logo). The smart socks will only be effective when the baby is asleep and still (not crawling around).

The innovative product has been praised by new parents and was an Honoree design at the 2016 CES Innovation Awards. It is available for $249.

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