Simply2014 :: A Color and Design Trends Report from Dunn-Edwards

August 7, 2013

We read a 2014 color trends report from Dunn-Edwards that talked about the influence color will have on design and society. Below are four key color and design trends and some key points listed in the study.

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• Inspired by the need to seek order out of chaos, a search for the absolute and pure. At the same time, respecting the rawness of nature and displaying the latest in neutral trends.
• For those designers seeking minimalistic, orderly, clean-lined design.

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• Inspired by the pre-tech era of the 1960s and 1970s.
• Revival of a feel-good factor to life, light feeling in attitude and naïve, joyful and playful.
• For design professionals seeking a “cool” factor, with hip and funky customer base.

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• Inspired by an uptrend in extravagant and over-the-top lifestyles as well as world travels. Showcasing the best in beauty and an abundance of color.
• Design professionals seeking the beauty in color and extravagance.

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• Inspired by the journey to find another place of well being and peace; seeking new frontiers and natural wonders.
• For design professionals seeking austere designs, clean-lined and balanced design.

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An overview is provided toward the end of the document that outlines the color shaping design trends of today.

• Brights continue to have an impact but these hues are less obvious and more harmonious
• Pastels diverge into two directions, either sugar, techno pastels or spring blossoms
• Grays continue to play a significant role as a base to all stories
• Warm neutrals uptrend and become more complex, tinted with other colors
• Blues thread through all stories as this hue continues to evolve over the seasons
• Pink, a complex color, interweaves throughout the stories from subtle to bright

You can read the full color trend study here.

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