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Pitch Day for the SEE8 Program

January 30, 2015

Once again, we were involved in the process of the SEE8 program with students from the Nettelhorst School, a Chicago Public School, about product development and the process involved with making products. We’re thrilled that Michael Prince, owner and founder of Beyond Design, was invited to be a judge for pitch day. The students had a blast presenting their ideas and receiving positive and constructive criticism.

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With a focus on experiential learning in entrepreneurship and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), SEE’s approach incorporates unique real-world startup, engineering, and design projects into existing curriculum in grades 1 – 8 (SEE1 through SEE8), engaging students with expert mentors and collaborators from universities (Northwestern University is a founding partner) and businesses. SEE8, the capstone of SEE, is designed to teach young students about new product development and entrepreneurship in a relevant, engaging, and unique way. Check out some photos below of Michael Prince judging presentations and students working on their projects.







It was great to work with the students and learn more about their ideas. SEE8 teaches students important problem solving, presentation, and cognitive skills, as well as research methods, sales strategies, critical analysis, and manufacturing techniques. In addition, it encourages creative thinking, collaboration, team building, and leadership. It is an exceptional program and we look forward to future SEE8 programs.

To learn more about the SEE program, click here.

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