"Ancient" Cartoon Artifacts        

Sculptures Depict Cartoon Characters

December 5, 2014

A twist on ancient artwork has transformed America’s favorite cartoon characters into an army of terracotta sculptures. San Francisco based artist, Lizabeth Eva Rossof, designed an army and hired a warrior replicator, who specializes in terracotta warriors, to manufacture the figurines. Her sculptures are comprised of the same materials of the iconic army that guards the tomb of China’s first emperor in Xi’an.


The authenticity and knowledge of the replicator provides a historic feel to the sculptures, with an exception to seeing the head poke out of the body. Certain gestures, like a grin or an extended hand, show the quirky twist to the historical idea of these artifacts. Her artwork explores the themes and ideas of political, economic and personal liberation, through the popularity of American media around the world and China’s fondness of duplicating copyrighted material.




The idea of creating terracotta sculptures to depict America’s favorite cartoon characters is a fascinating idea. The connecting concept of American media and copyrighting skills in China, along with the ancient artifacts that are so important to history is special and can teach us a lot about design and how it relates to the world. To learn more about these sculptures, click here and to see more of our designs, check out our website here.

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