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Creating Business Cards with Stampomatica

January 27, 2015

Considering we live in the 21st century, we expect everything to be modern and contemporary. However, postcards or business cards that have that old school aesthetic look appeal to certain generations. Here at Beyond Design, we love creating new innovations and products that consumers will love and go crazy for. Although, we accept and cherish the history behind design and what has gotten us to the place we are at now.

Stampomatica is a “3D letterpress” that brings vintage printing techniques together with 21st century technology. Described as an “analogic micro-machine to print business cards and postcards”, Stampomatica is available in two different sizes, a smaller press for business cards and a larger size for creating postcard size paper products.





This article gave us something to think about. Creating a paper product using a letterpress is unique and creative way to get a message across. The feeling behind it is something special and precious that keeps people thinking when they receive something like this in the mail or by hand. Developing the right tools and mechanics to support the old school aesthetic feel to paper products holds value and encourages future generations to appreciate and experiment with design.

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