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Saturn Wine Glass That Promotes No Spilling

January 23, 2015

We’ve all been there and done that when someone looks down at their shirt and realized that they spilled wine on themselves or down at a carpet and see this big red stain. Disasters, yes. However, for all those wine drinkers out there, a solution has been made.

Four years of research and refinement went into the Saturn Wine Glass and the design behind it to make it so that users will not waste or spill a single drop of their delicious wine. Obviously, skill is key but the look of the wine glass is intriguing and modern for those who like that style. Each glass is hand-crafted by glass-blowing pros. Each cup of molten glass is shaped prior by hand before it is molded into the best wine glass that has ever been introduced to market.


Considering that each glass is priced high, the care and craft that goes into each glass is perfectly well done. Moreover, the amount of rolling and tumbling that this glass can take without spilling any wine whatsoever is priceless. From reviews, users have mentioned that the wine isn’t always the right temperature when poured, due the rolling and tumbling. Even so, it seems that the design could trump any temperature.

The care and craft that goes into each glass is amazing — and explains the steep price tag of $52 per glass — but what’s most impressive is just how much tumbling this glass can take without spilling a drop. Watch the video above to see what we mean. For those of us that drink wine here at Beyond Design, we love this idea and the unique and safe design that is beneficial in the long run. Who wants to spill some delicious wine to be wasted? Not anyone here.


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