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Samsung’s Serif 4K Set Is a Throwback

July 22, 2016

Television sets may be a thing of the past – depending on the design of your home. However, with Samsung’s Serif 4K television – a blast of the past was in order for the design direction. Designer brothers Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec drew their inspiration from wooden cabinets and consoles to deliver a modern rendition of TV as furniture.


If you look at the edges of the TV stand, it’s easy to see the “serif font” as there is a bold, capital I. Hence, the name of the stand. Equipped with a motion-controlled remote, cable management system and UI capabilities – this Samsung TV is unlike any other of their products.


The divot in the back allows the power and HDMI cables to run parallel to the slender legs of the TV stand, with a leg attachment helping cords to bundle together.


It’s a one size and price offer – with high end capabilities for the 4K TV.

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