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Samsung Interface Looks Very Similar to Apple Watch

August 25, 2015

Samsung just revealed its new Gear S2 smartwatch and coincidentally, it looks like the Apple Watch interface design. And not only to mention, the company released it on the same day that they lost their appeal of $400 million for copying the original iPhone design. Interesting stuff. Not only to mention, but Apple is the revenue leader in the wearable category with 42%, Samsung and other companies following in at 15%. Wonder why Samsung is introducing their new Gear S2 Watch?

What for? There are countless numbers of Apple users that love their iPhone and watch, but aren’t happy with the way the circular icons are placed on the screen. Users say that it becomes harder to use and tap on and it has to do with the more apps you have.

Samsung has made the interface the same, but different shapes and even have flipped some of the icons. Samsung had a very good chance to be as creative as they wanted to be and they did just that. However – the shape of the actual watch is different and the hardware isn’t the same either. The circular design that Samsung has released has become a popular style.

Check out the video and see for yourself. For more information on UX design, please click here.

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