PureBoost X        

Running Shoes Designed for Women

February 5, 2016

Adidas just broke the mold and designed a shoe just for women. At first glance, the PureBoost X looks like your typical running shoe that fits the trend of a well designed and aesthetically pleasant looking shoe. However – you’ll notice that the upper part of the shoe isn’t attached to the sole. Apparently, the gap exists because the shoe was designed just for females.


According to motion-capture research completed by Adidas, the expansion in the forefoot is constantly changing within every step taken. And this varies between woman to woman, rather than man to man. Adidas wanted to design and develop a shoe that was an extension to the body, accommodating the range of motion and expansion.


Usually, it is the sole’s job to provide the support. Now, Adidas has changed that mold to have the upper portion of the shoe be the support. The research done by Adidas has been positive, providing them with a constant testing loop.

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