Roomba Introduces the First Robotic Mopping Machine

March 15, 2016

Who wouldn’t love the Roomba introduced by iRobot? A vacuuming robot controlled to pick up dust, food, dirt and anything else lying on the floors of your home. However – for those that don’t have carpets on their floor, how are they supposed to mop? Problem solved with the Braava, Roomba’s first robotic mopping machine.


The Braava is equipped with a vibrating head and jet spray to clean and scrub floors. Think Swiffer, but no work involved for the human. Tile, linoleum, and hardwood will be cleaned up in no time. Smaller and lighter than the original Roomba, it’s easy to hide away and to pull out in a time of necessary need. It included three different pads that easily slide on the bottom of the machine – one for sweeping, one for light mopping and one for deep cleaning.


No need to train the Braava, it will remember where your furniture is and adjusts to the speed it sees fit. And it is designed to be a square, so it can easily fit into those places that are hard to reach. But, there’s no mobile connectivity, so sorry iPhones and Android phones.


Available on April 1, this is the perfect gift to any addition to a household. To check out our work on a non-robotic mopping system, please click here.

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