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Rinse: The New Way to do Laundry

June 9, 2015

Considering we just wrote an article on millennials and their use of technology, we figured that this would be an appropriate article to blog about. Having on-demand services is convenient, but for millennial users, it is a must and a necessity. Rinse, a San Francisco based startup company, specializes in laundry services that cater to the wants and possibly needs of millennials that have no time to do their own laundry. Recently, they just raised $3.5 million from multiple venture capitalist companies so that any “manchild” can have their clothes washed for them.


Like most apps on a smartphone, a user can sign up directly from their phone or access a computer to their website – having a person come to your place of residence to pick up your dirty clothes. On average, Rinse costs those millennials who don’t do their own laundry about $25-$45 per load, which can get expensive in the long run. The convenient part about picking up a load is that co-founders, James John and Ajay Prakash, have found that the best time to pick up is between 8-10pm.

When your clothes are dropped off, heavy duty bags held your clothes, along with everything being neatly folded and organized. Who wouldn’t want that? We think the best part about Rinse is that you can easily communicate with the person doing your laundry, via back and forth text messaging. This type of UI is what is slowly taking over the world, by storm. And millennials know just the way to use it correctly and efficiently.


To learn more about Rinse, please click here.

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