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Restoring Old Toyota Land Cruisers

November 15, 2016

The Calles started the FJ Company seven years ago that restores the Toyota Land Cruiser to its’ classic look with a more modern twist. With the itch to restore these old SUV’s, the Calle brothers have made it a successful, yet lucrative business that they love to do on a daily basis.


Keeping the original style, yet adding minimal modern amenities to fit the technological times, these cars are sent to Bogota, Columbia where majority of the repairs are completed. Once finished, they are sent back to Miami to complete the finishing touches. Most vehicles are stripped to the chassis where a new engine, gaskets, seals, bearings and gears are installed. Any parts that are even slightly questioned are replaced for safety measures. Nothing goes unnoticed.



There’s nothing new with this vehicle, as the whole intent is to revive the original design. When an upgrade is needed, leather seats are installed, along with a Bluetooth stereo so drivers can hook up their phones. Other than that, nothing is added that would take away from the beautiful look of the Land Cruiser.



None of this is cheap, and can take up to nine months to complete the repairs. Starting at $55,000 and going up to $120,000, these Land Cruisers are a piece of art that drivers can cruise around the streets with.



They’re starting to wonder what it would be like to work on other brands, but they’re content with what they are doing now. Restoring old vehicles is a pastime that is passed down from generation to generation. It means something to owners that have these vehicles in their possession, which is the whole intent when it comes to design.

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