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Remington Wet Tech Razor Wins Gold Excellence in Design Award

May 6, 2014

We are thrilled to announce that our design of the Remington Wet Tech shaver received a Gold Excellence in Design (EID) award.

The Remington Wet Tech AQ7 is a shower specific shaver aimed at a growing user base uncovered through research into user behavior. The Wet Tech AQ7 is intended for a wet shave scenario (however, it can also be used for a dry shave) and, as such, utilizes appropriate material choices and ergonomic forms derived through biomimicry (specifically a whale’s throat grooves). To clean the shaver, you simply click open the quick wash head and rinse the blades under running water to remove excess hair and debris.

eid award remington

Appliance Design’s Excellence in Design competition recognizes outstanding achievements in innovation, design and functionality. You can learn more about the product here and check out the video below.

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