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Ready, Set, Takeoff: AeroMobil 2017

March 17, 2015

For five years, AeroMobil has been pursuing the dream of building a functional and practical car that can fly, which will be completed by 2017. The founders, Juraj Vaculik and Stefan Klein, pursued a dream of theirs to build a flying car, which represents escaping oppression of their home country, Czechoslovakia.


Vaculik and Klein feel that restrictions such as traffic jams, insufficient air travel and lack of infrastructure in certain countries keep people from travelling at their own leisure or pace. However, the AeroMobil can alleviate some of those issues that we seek on a day to day basis.


Moreover, AeroMobil is continuing to search for the right components and parts to keep the car at a certain weight for flight, but sturdy and secure enough that it will pass inspection for government crash and safety requirements. Since the flying car can use grass as a landing strip, they will only need 650 feet to take off and land, which will be easier for construction workers to pave out highways and autobahns for users.



To read more about the AeroMobil, please click here.

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