Ravenswood Towers Complete!        

Ravenswood Towers Complete!

June 3, 2019

Last month, construction and excavation began on the highly anticipated Ravenswood Towers with their completion last month and the official ribbing cutting ceremony this past weekend. This project was initiated by Hayes Properties, Hayes affiliate Robert Gecht, and the Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce with Beyond Design being enlisted to carry out the vision in terms of design.

The Towers have been a labor of love and will honor the vibrant neighborhood as welcoming landmarks. Recognized as blending industry and art, the community has continually embraced creativity, culture, and craftsmanship. What were originally manufacturing facilities, has now been re-purposed and reborn into startups, design firms, printmaking shops, and breweries. The Towers were designed to represent these ideals and progress.

Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture style, the Towers encapsulate the unique spirit of Ravenswood. Made of reclaimed Chicago brick and stainless steel, the twin canopies create a welcoming glow that bounces off the copper ceiling and represents perseverance and prosperity. The arches create an umbrella design that translates to safety and acceptance.

The Towers had their official ribbon cutting ceremony this past weekend where newly elected 47th Ward Alderman, Matt Martin, joined the team behind the Towers officially unveiling it to the public. For more on the Towers, watch CBS’coverage and make sure you stop by.

The Towers are anchored facing north at Irving and Ravenswood and will help further establish the community’s identity. The official unveiling will be May 31st. For more information and to stay up to date, please contact Beyond Design.

The Towers will be commemorated with a plaque that welcomes guests with a message of appreciation:

“Dedicated to the residents, businesses and visitors of the Ravenswood Corridor, the two Towers symbolize the gateway into a community that blends industry and living.”

Make sure you drive down Irving at night to see the Towers illuminated.

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