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Ralph Lauren Introduces the Polo Tech Smart Shirt

September 4, 2014

By now, either you or someone you know has a smartwatch or fitness band. While this wearable technology has a lot of great features and benefits, from a design standpoint, it may not be able to be worn all the time. The wristbands or clips look fine for the most part, but may not be as fashionable as some would like.

Recently, a few high-end retailers are launching sports trackers and device accessories with an eye for fashion first. Last week Ralph Lauren unveiled a tech-embedded sports shirt, Polo Tech. The shirt is equipped with sensors woven into the fabric that track activity, breathing and cardiac readings. The information is collected in a small black-box type recorder, which can be removed, and collects data via a smartphone app. The form-fitting black Polo Tech smart shirt is being worn by some ball boys at this year’s U.S. Open.

ralph lauren wearable technology

It’s no surprise that we are seeing wearable technology move from wristbands to more fashionable clothing lines from high-end designers. However, we see this type of technology aimed at a more niche market, while wristbands are marketed toward the masses. It’s also more likely that you will wear your wristband daily rather than your sports shirt, which, in turn, will give you a more accurate reading of your health status.

ralph lauren smartphone app

The public won’t be able to purchase the Ralph Lauren Polo Tech until the spring. Until then, check out the full story here.

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