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Quirky’s Wink Announces Its Second Major Product, Relay: A Command Center For All Your Connected Devices

September 26, 2014

For the past few years, a smart home has been on the top of every designers mind and new products have been introduced each year at CES. People have been trying to integrate all the smart devices in your home, but no one has had enough traction where it seems intuitive enough to integrate everything in your home.

Wink is trying to change this.

Wink Relay on the Wall

Wink, Quirky’s smart home subsidiary launched in partnership with GE, recently announced its second major product, Relay. The touchscreen panel, disguised as a light switch, is a central command hub for Wi-Fi connected devices. Instead of just turning lights on and off, Relay syncs with connected home gadgets to simultaneously do things like lock the front door, bring the shades down, turn on the alarm and turn the heat up.

Just like the Wink app on your smartphone, Relay automatically connects to every Wink app ready product in your home, as well as Wink-compatible products with the Wink hub. The device can be installed in place of a wall light switch and connects with more than 100 different products from 15 major manufacturers, including Honeywell, Philips, Chamberlain, Schlage and GE. Relay, which is Android-powered, can talk to all of them.

Wink has essentially removed the smartphone from the smart home equation. Now, consumers no longer have to look for their phones to control their smart devices – all of their connected products appear on the 4.3 inch LCD screen.

Making the Internet of Things both convenient and modular is how Quirky and Wink believe they will win over consumers.

Wink Relay Smart Home Control

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