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ProMist MAX Cleans the Toughest Messes

May 9, 2018

Our client FHP, who acquired Cedar in 2003, was looking to redesign an existing product and showcase their new spray engine design with a quick-release bottle. In 2014 Beyond was entrusted to take their product to the next level. The biggest challenge when creating this design was fitting the form factor to the new engine design. Using the new engine and its improved performance, we introduced a “quick-release” eject button for the bottle that makes it easier for the user.

Flash forward to 2018 and the ProMist Max is still sopping up messes and has a new TV commercial! The commercial shows swirling hoverboard tire marks whipped away by the ProMist MAX. Below are the features of the mop that make it perfect for a quick and thorough clean:

– Head flips 180°
– Cleans 2x more surface area – clean longer without stopping
– Refillable bottle – choose your own solution
– Microfiber pad grabs dirt and won’t just push it around
– Eco-friendly machine washable microfiber pad – up to 100 washes!
– Works great for hardwood flooring, as well as linoleum, tile, vinyl, laminate, ceramic, marble and stone surfaces

To see more of the ProMist MAX or to purchase your own, please visit their website here and check out the commercial below. Feel free to leave us a note if you already have one! What could improve the design or what do you like best about the mop?

With one flip a clean mop head is ready to finish the job (left) and the quick release eject button we designed makes water refills fast and easy to change (right).

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