Highlights from Day Three at CES

January 13, 2012

It was another day of innovative concepts and product designs at CES. Below are some highlights from the day. Once we get a chance to go through all of the photos we took throughout the week, we’ll be sure to post them on our Whiteboard early next week.

We haven’t talked much about tablets this week because it seems like ultra-thin laptops and televisions have stolen the show. However, there were still several tablets at the show this year. One of the more interesting tablets was the Sony Tablet P, a foldable device that features dual 5.5-inch touchscreens. When folded, it appears that it would easily fit in your pocket to carry around, and it only weighs less than a pound. It’s an interesting device; however, we’re not sure how many people would choose a dual-screen tablet over all the others on the market.

Ultra-thin laptops, as we mentioned in our last post, were everywhere this year. Another company that looks to compete with Apple’s MacBook Air is Samsung. The company introduced their Series 9 and Series 5 laptops—two slim, light and smart-looking notebooks.

We mentioned Nikon’s D4 DSLR camera in yesterday’s post as one of the best new cameras at the show. Today the Fujifilm’s X10 Compact Camera caught our eye—not so much for its cool features, but for its retro design. It seems like an extremely intuitive piece of equipment.

We took a minute to check out the LG Bed Cleaning Vacuum Cleaner with UV sterilization. Simple colors and sleek design.

In addition to Audi’s concept car that we mentioned yesterday, another great one was Ford Evos concept car (shown below). The interior looks just as great as the outside.

Below are some photos of some cool booths we saw throughout the week. Amazing how much work goes into these!

We really liked Intel’s message: “When all your devices speak the same language, you can communicate better.”

Read more about the highlights from CES 2012 by downloading our recap below.


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