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Product Designer Takes Note on Everyday Items Used

December 4, 2015

As crazy and chaotic life may be at times, we forget to think about the everyday products that help us get through our day-to-day activities. It’s common for us not to think about the the cup of coffee we carry to work in the morning, or the train/bus passes we use to get to our destination. However, Paula Zuccotti, a product designer and trends forecaster, thinks about the items on a consistent basis.

Similar to Humans of NY, Paula turned her photo project into a book called, “Everything We Touch“. 62 people in 11 cities around the world cataloged everything they used in a 24 hour time span. This allowed her to catch a glimpse into the lives of others and what they use to get through the day. Her explanation for creating this book is to be able to look back at future archaeology – as the items will let us know how humans expressed themselves in every aspect of their lives.


For those that participated, they were asked to keep a list of everything they touched during a specific day. Nothing was supposed to be hidden, as this was a test of honesty for those involved. Once all items were collected, Paula laid everything out on a 13’x 9′ canvas, capturing the items 10 feet above the canvas.


Through her vision, she sees the project as a visual dialog about cultural and geographic differences, but still realizes that we all have common interests.


Here at Beyond Design, one of our main goals is to deliver research and strategy for our clients that want to get a deeper understanding of their target market. our research ranges from inspiration and comparative studies to spending weeks in the field to fully understand user motivations and behaviors associated with an experience. We push the boundaries to discover ways to gather insights that fit our client and project needs.

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