Digital Nail Art        

Printable Nail Emojis

December 1, 2015

Manicures are now state-of-the-art. The Nailbot, a portable robot that prints images directly onto your fingernails, will allow you to get whatever your heart desires to be on your nails. Nailbot was created by a robotics company called Preemadonna. The portable nail printer eliminates the need for those to get their nails done at a salon, to receive a fun and creative experience while on vacation. The selection of nail art is pretty extensive, providing a diverse and non-conformative way to be stylish.


With pre-loaded art on a mobile app, the Nailbot can create images on your nails in 30 seconds, or less. Using a light colored nail polish will help the image stay on as long as possible, allowing for ultimate exposure for others to see. The prototype is an efficient piece of technical equipment, featuring a section for those who want to upload their licensed art for those to print on their nails.


And even better, for those who want actual photos from their phone can have them printed on their nails. It is a free feature included on the app.


The Nailbot isn’t about printing onto a nail, but to inspire girls to use different software programs, while encouraging them to explore multiple options for their future. Learning new technologies can advance our younger generations to pursue careers that they will be successful in. Our designers help our interns grow and develop skills that will last them a lifetime wherever life may take them.

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