Practice Makes Perfect.

October 20, 2011

There’s a big difference between being a good designer and being a great designer. At Beyond Design, our team is constantly trying to grow, learn, and improve our skills in the design world. We spend time educating ourselves about the newest trends and technology, take on new challenges, stay inspired, and, most importantly, we are always practicing design both inside and outside of the studio.

Sean Kim, Manager of Industrial Design at Beyond Design, recently shared a concept he created that was inspired by the Oster® Iced Tea Maker that he helped design for Jarden (click here for more details on that project). He believes that spending time creating your own design concepts takes you one step closer to being a great designer because you are able to take risks, learn, and improve your design skills.

Sean’s concept was based around green design and is something he sees as a design of the future. The idea behind this coffee/ tea maker is that that it doesn’t use power from an electrical outlet, and also visually looks different than any other on the market. He spent two days on this project from quick concept generation to the final concept rendering. The product is a single serve coffee maker that utilizes solar power for brewing coffee or tea. With current technology, we all know that it’s very difficult and time-consuming to heat up water by only using solar energy, but who knows where technology will take us in the near future. The idea is that he thought outside of the box and created a project that allowed him to utilize his design skills, and, at the same time, improve them.

Submitted By: Sean Kim, Manager of Industrial Design

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