OK Go Music Video with Motorcycles Honda UNI-CUB        

A Personal Mobility Device From Honda Sparks Interest in OK Go Video

October 30, 2014

Remember the OK Go music video with the treadmills? Well, it looks like they may have topped that one (which we didn’t think was possible). This time, rather than treadmills, they’re trying to keep from falling over on Honda’s UNI-CUB – and they make it look pretty easy.

The amazing little motorcycle was first introduced over a year ago and is the second generation of the experimental vehicle. The UNI-CUB β weighs in at 25kg (52lbs), offers a top speed of 4 mph and a range of four miles, but contrary to what the music video shows, it is intended for indoor use only.


The UNI-CUB features a compact size, with a footprint no wider than a pedestrian, a comfortable seat, Honda’s proprietary balance control technology and the world’s first omni-directional driving wheel system (Honda Omni Traction Drive System) which allows you to seamlessly move forward, backward, laterally and diagonally.

Over the past few years, the number and size of indoor facilities has increased as more and more people use them– such as airports, malls, museums and other indoor facilities. The UNI-CUB is designed to be in harmony with people and offer ease of control and a high-degree of mobility. This product would be great for elderly people and others who have a hard getting around, as well as in larger spaces that require a lot of walking.

unicub in motion

We won’t give away the ending of the video, but it’s definitely worth watching. You can check out the full video out below and learn more about the product on Honda’s site here.

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