Rose Quartz and Serenity        

Pantone Colors of the Year

December 11, 2015

Year after year, Pantone assigns one color to be “color of the year”. It allows different industries – beauty, fashion and design to promote sales and hype within their product lines. Since 2000, Pantone has selected one color to celebrate. However; this year, two colors have been singled out to represent the most popular colors. Pantone 13-1520 TCX (Rose Quartz) and Pantone 14-3919-TCX (Serenity) – pastel pink and blue have been chosen.


Colors form an expression of our preferences, challenging traditional color associations. These different approaches can open our eyes to see the possibility of multiple designs through multiple categories. With two colors being chosen, it shatters stereotypes and promotes equality within all genders. Pink and blue have always been assigned to one gender – pink for females and blue for males. That said, the colors together are a sweet blend of pastels that look perfect together. Who wouldn’t want to have two colors that look like the delicious cotton candy?

The video allows viewers to understand why these two colors were chosen, and by every means, it makes sense. Our world has changed drastically in the past year, focusing on political events. The selected colors allow for fluidity in all aspects of life, representing a more unilateral approach to societal movements and design, in general.

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