PMC 2016        

Pan Mass Challenge 2016

August 5, 2016

This weekend, PMC Challenge will be happening Friday through Sunday. Each year, a bike-a-thon for the Pan Mass Challenge raises funds for cancer research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Massachusetts. Crossing the commonwealth of the state, the PMC has funded millions of dollars from cyclists, volunteers, sponsors and individuals since its founding in 1980. Every donation, which is greatly appreciated, goes towards the hope and aspiration to find a cure for this terrible and life-threatening disease.


Each summer, every cyclist participating will commit to raising between $500 and $5,200 to be a part of the PMC team. At Beyond Design, we’re all too familiar with cancer – as people we love have come across it. We are thankful that organizations, such as PMC can raise money to fight everyday to cure it and kick its ass.


During the event, PMC relies heavily on their volunteers for the three-day bicycle ride. Mapping routes, providing water, ensuring medical needs and safety for thousands of people. With no compensation, these people are amazing and their effort is greatly appreciated. This team effort is a product of the PMC’s philosophy of success: those who commit themselves in full are those who achieve results.

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